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When you have 5 sisters, and even though you love each and everyone, there is in my memory one of those "Special ones".

Bonnie Lee Sagerser Thomas, was that one. It is coming up now four years since her passing.

Bonnie left her home on earth and winged her way to her heavenly home on November 19th, 2017. A Sunday @ 6:02 PM. My younger sister and I had just made our daily visit to her room at the Alzheimer's Residence. Hearing that the doctor said she had approximately 6 days left, we told ourselves we will see her tomorrow.

What's the old saying? " If tomorrow never comes". That rings true for us.

Even though I go into much detail about her life and all her great qualities in my published book, " My Christian Journey Through a Fallen World", I felt compelled to write this blog to encourage those of you that have also lost loved ones.

How many times have we living in this old world cried and struggled in just why does God take our precious ones at earlier ages, and leave some into their 90's?

There's a song I love, " We will understand it better by and by."

I first heard of Bonnie's beginning of Alzheimer's disease from her concerned husband.

He told me things she was doing and how she was acting. I would not accept that ...until I began to see it myself.

If you have this in your family or know someone that does, this is to encourage you in the battle. An ugly battle but then as I will show you, not a lost battle when your loved one knows Jesus as their savior. John 3:16, Romans 8:1.

See, I call it a victory because God didn't leave her in that state for very long, compared to many that stay in the battle, and the care center for years and years.

I will always cherish the memory of one of my last visits with her. I came to visit, as always I found her setting in the large lobby sleeping in a chair. I knelt, patted her leg, and woke her, saying, "Bonnie let's walk down the hall." She stood as I helped her and we hugged each other for the longest time. I said, " I love you, Bonnie". She answered in the best voice she could, " I Luv you too". I used this scenario as I spoke at her funeral. Only adding to my talk:

"We will hug again Bonnie, and I came just as soon as my Savior would let me."

See, when you know what Bonnie and I know, going to be with Jesus is a wonderful thing and you can let them go because Heaven is our permanent home. Don't you want to go there?

I walked the Alzheimers walk for finding a cure two times and I will walk it again. I'm doing it for Bonnie and your loved ones also.

I know if you are struggling now, it's hard to understand, but when you see heaven in all of its will see that ............ SOMEDAY IT'LL ALL MAKE SENSE.

Prayer wall at the Alzheimer's Event. We were to write our thoughts.

Love U Sister Bonnie, Peace all the way to glory!!

For the King and His Kingdom.

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