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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

What a sacrifice, He gave his life....... YES, the BLOOD of Jesus is enough.

Time and your decision are URGENT, my friend. Are you trusting in anything other than this blood of Jesus?

I want you to know this because I was one that didn't know the power in this blood. I was raised in a dysfunctional family, we were never allowed to date, wear shorts, have friends. They said our brothers and sisters were enough. But as my published non-fiction book, My Christian Journey Through a Fallen World, will show you, there was a secret held by my dad, ( and mother) that made us lead a sheltered life.

We were never allowed to go to church even when church people came by to invite: to pick up our kids on a church bus. But as I grew up and when I was exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ as Savior, for the first time, it was hard for me to see why I needed a Savior, I never felt that I had any ( sins) what I was told was sins. I wondered why I needed to be saved, from what?

That's when I realized that after much exposure to the word of God, I did see that, it's not what we have done as far as " SIN" in our life, but that we were all born with that sinful nature because of Adam and Eve's sin of disobedience. Romans 3:23.

That's when I finally knew in my heart that Jesus was that sacrifice for ALL our sins. I just needed to put my trust in my life in the one and only one that shed His blood for yours and my sins. He did that for us in the finished work on Calvary. Now I know, the blood of Jesus is enough. No other name above all names, Jesus and Jesus alone. Yes, yes, THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS ENOUGH! Will you take Jesus as Savior my friend? Eternity is forever, what is your answer to the one that died for you. Ask Him into your heart today, time is URGENT!

For the King and His Kingdom, Sarah Tyler-Author

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