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To my faithful subscribers that read and follow my blog site, Sorry, I have been on vacation and am just now getting back to sending encouragement for you as you travel this Fallen World.

I had a wonderful, peace-filled time in Long Boat Key. I visited my sister and her daughter is so blessed to have a condo right on the beach. Did I ever enjoy that!!!

The bedroom I got to stay in was like my " world of peace " I looked so forward to reading, praying and just feeling the presence of my great Lord as I could look out over the ocean.

God is such a gracious God. He supplies all our needs.

I was able to arise each morning ( 7) days and go walk on the beach. The roar of the ocean, the sea gulfs , and just the long stretch of beach, kept me in perfect peace.

How great to go on a vacation, and not look forward to seeing so many things, running here and there, but to go and find that haven of peace that only God can supply.

So I am back and ready to take on this Fallen World again...... Not an easy task, but our God will fight our battles just as He has fraught mine as you read in my book. My Christian Journey Through a Fallen World. No one said, " life is not hard", but keeping our eyes on Jesus is the only way to make it through. TRUST JESUS. For the King and His Kingdom, Sarah Tyler-Author.

Ocean in Long Boat Key, FL.
The roar of the ocean, our mighty creator of my peace

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